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Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday Mourning Ten

Aerial - Chris Whitley, Terra Incognita
Ghost Dance - Chris Whitley, War Crime Blues
Guns & Dolls - Chris Whitley, Din Of Ecstasy
Power Down - Chris Whitley, Terra Incognita
Phone Call From Leavenworth - Chris Whitley, Living With The Law
Vertical Desert - Chris Whitley, Rocket House
War Crime Blues - Chris Whitley, War Crime Blues
Weightless - Chris Whitley, Terra Incognita
Ultraglide - Chris Whitley, Din Of Ecstasy
Bordertown - Chris Whitley, Living With The Law

Chris Whitley, 1960-November 20, 2005

I won't say much here now, except that I'm not sure I know of a more soulful - in the sense of soul-baring - musician in our time, and now he's gone. If you don't know his stuff - or only know the first album, which got airplay 14 years ago - there are some downloads available at his site.

Here's something I wrote this summer.


Blogger Molly said...

His passing is a shame, but at least we'll be able to enjoy one more of his records. His last album (Reiter In) is coming out later this month. I payed a lot for an import, but you can hear some of it on It's amazing, definitely one of his best. It's too bad it will be his last record, but at least Chris was able to accomplish a lot while he was here.

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