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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

While we're on the subject....

Beautiful post on baseball and parenthood from the snarky and enigmatic TBogg. I can't wait until my girl is old enough for baseball (not that she hasn't already hit a wiffle ball with my hand as the tee...)
What I really miss is the feeling of having accomplished something after every afternoon spent with the kids, watching them throw, then practice their swings, and learn to watch the pitchers back foot for the pickoff move. Primary leads and secondary leads and hitting the cut-off man. Calling for the ball and, most importantly, putting it away with two hands. I miss warm afternoons and what a kids baseball field sounds like at dusk when everyone has been picked up and the bases have been stored and the equipment has been bagged and you can sit for a moment and listen and it doesn't sound like work or home and you just want to stay awhile and breathe it in.
There's more. Go read it.


Blogger ronica said...

As I read TBogg's post, I was reminded not so much of my own softball practices as a kid but rather helping Dad coach Jason's games. I was 5 years older, so I got to play a coach role to my brother's team, catching batting practice or taking throws in at home during fielding practice. I could teach a specialties being first base and baserunning. Then I could pal around with the boys, straddling that line between kid and adult. Great afternoons indeed.

12:59 PM

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