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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the Road Today: Levi!

Levi Leipheimer has been looking stronger since his dismal first two weeks, and today has made a strong move. After aggressive attacks from the outset and a breakaway of 13 riders, the race settled down to Mikael Rasmussen ("The Chicken" for his long mountain biker's legs) way out in front, and Levi gradually moving up on him. Rasmussen's a strong climber, so it's unlikely that Leipheimer can catch him, but Levi has put some distance between himself and the peloton. A stage similar to this was run in the Dauphiné-Libéré in the spring, and Levi won it, so we know that he can hack the climb. He has a chance - a small one - to make significant dent in Floyd's lead - maybe take it from 6+ minutes to under 4. But Floyd has teammate Axel Merckx with him, so it'll take a heroic effort from Levi - something we've yet to see this Tour.



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