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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Most Important Event of My Lifetime

This has arrived in my city.

You know all the cupcake hype of the last few years? Fuck that shit. It's all about the donuts. I will now be biking down to the Strip at the drop of a hat.

UPDATE: I have been, and it's all it's cracked up to be. The small donuts are tiny, delicate little things - probably weigh less than a traditional "donut hole." Even the large are small - less than half the size of even a modest donut. But it's all good.



Blogger Matt Weiner said...

I came by to leave the comment about CBS gameday and then I saw this. All I have to say is: Dude! Pittsburgh has inexplicably been a donut wasteland ever since I can remember. On two separate occasions I went into O'Leary's Donuts on the South Side -- not because I particularly wanted a donut, just because I was there and figured I should seize the opportunity -- and was told "We're out of donuts." So the opening of a good donut shop is a huge deal.

9:34 PM

Blogger JRoth said...

Sounds like someone has never been to Better-Maid donuts on Steubenville, out past Elliot. Great quality, fresh, cheap, and open "6 am to Sellout." Run by two fat, happy brothers.

For awhile Sunseri Sunrise Bakery was selling probably the best donuts in the City, then they inexplicably shut their storefront (I understand that they're reopening, but I'm not sure). Outside the City proper, there are quite a few good little donut shops, but yeah, the City is patchy at best.

2:32 PM

Blogger Matt Weiner said...

In my defense, the fat happy brothers don't seem to have bought Better-Maid until less than a year before I left town. But yeah, the West End is pretty much a mystery to me.

9:24 PM


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