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Friday, April 22, 2005

Josh Growing a Pair?

Maybe Somerby's constant hectoring is having an impact. Maybe there really is something in the air down in DC, and Josh's recent relocation to NYC is doing the trick. Or maybe marrying Mrs. TPM has effected a bit of a stiffening of the spine. Regardless, this sort of talk isn't what we used to hear from everyone's favorite Colonial history wonk:

From the bootlicks to power at The Note: "While the filibuster fight and Social Security are giving the opposition party rare unity, it doesn't mean the Democrats necessarily have any good ideas, any plan for the future, or any capacity to make gains from all this."

OK, it's not exactly calling Frank Rich a powdered dandy, but The Note is all too influential in DC insiderdom, and they need to be called out on this shit. It would be a big step forward for the left side of the debate if bootlicks like The Note get to be known - and dismissed - as such.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Never ag- Well, maybe once more.

American moral cowardice in Darfur continues. Zoellick, whom I've heard described as smart and tough, is bullied by a third world, second rate warlord, and 25,000 more Africans are cleansed.

Tell me again how tough George W. Bush is?


I've tried to fix that Nino post a couple of times now - it won't take.

Anyway, short story shorter, Scalia's at an NYU event with his wife, and a gay student asks whether the gov't can regulate consensual bedroom activity. After Scalia says yes, the student asks if he sodomizes his wife. Gasp!

Nino was too chicken-shit to answer.

Rhymes with Bagflation...

Looks like Paul Krugman was more timely than he knew (or certainly hoped).

Ya know, everything this admin has done on the economy has been laughable; I have no idea how any serious businessman could have voted Bush last year. I mean, I know it's nice having your very own butler in DC, but what good are taxbreaks and kickback tarriffs if it's 1979 all over again?

My Dinner with Nino


OK, here's some actual thoughts that someone other than me might care about:

25 years of actions suggest that Ratzinger is, indeed, a rat. So how come, listening to NPR this morning, I thought, "Maybe he won't be so bad"? They were talking about his statements on Vatican 2, and reaching out to other churches (faiths?). So is this just warm, fuzzy bullshit for American liberals, are Americans too stupid to HEAR what is being said, or does it portend some actual complexity to this man?

Reading around today, I'm inclined towards 1 or, more likely, 2.

When I grow up, I fully intend to be the kind of blogger who would make about 30% of the words above hyperlinks. Forgive me, Father, I don't know what the hell I'm doing....


OK, having added some links, I'm think that maybe I need to be anarchitect!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Wife is Gonna Kill Me

I don't normally say that sort of thing, but if she catches me blogging....