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Friday, April 22, 2005

Josh Growing a Pair?

Maybe Somerby's constant hectoring is having an impact. Maybe there really is something in the air down in DC, and Josh's recent relocation to NYC is doing the trick. Or maybe marrying Mrs. TPM has effected a bit of a stiffening of the spine. Regardless, this sort of talk isn't what we used to hear from everyone's favorite Colonial history wonk:

From the bootlicks to power at The Note: "While the filibuster fight and Social Security are giving the opposition party rare unity, it doesn't mean the Democrats necessarily have any good ideas, any plan for the future, or any capacity to make gains from all this."

OK, it's not exactly calling Frank Rich a powdered dandy, but The Note is all too influential in DC insiderdom, and they need to be called out on this shit. It would be a big step forward for the left side of the debate if bootlicks like The Note get to be known - and dismissed - as such.


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