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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is Important

One of the reasons that Josh Marshall is so important to Blogovia (the left-leaning portion of the Blogosphere, per Max) is his professionalism. In a sense, he is no less an amateur blogger than the rest of us - his training is in Colonial history - but he has journalist experience, and hews to some of the highest ideals of that profession.

He occasionally gets shrill, but when he's really mad about something, it's not shrill, it's...this. Very serious. Like, don't fuck around serious.

I don't know what people will do about this situation. NPR is covering the story more or less the way the White House would prefer, so I can only imagine the mouth-breathers over at Fox. If the free press won't stand up for itself, I don't see anyone else doing it.

And another few inches of the Bill of Rights get fed into the shredder....


Blogger anedmonds said...

As it has been posited elsewhere, the reason the Newsweek storied engendered the reaction it did, is that the U.S. war machine has created an environment in which this story is perfectly believable. Does anybody really believe that the average rednecked American Fox-watching idiot wouldn't react with "what's wrong with flushin' the Koran down the toilet, it's not like it's the bible or nuthin'...". Anybody remember Rodney King, Los Angeles burning (it's history), people didn't riot and burn the place cause the LAPD DIDN'T beat anybody.

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