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Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Top Eleven

An extra one to show it's not ALL Beatles:

1. Secret Message [Melora Mix] - Rasputina, Frustration Plantation
2. Inside You - The Clarks, Another Happy Ending
3. I Will - The Beatles, The Beatles
4. In My Time Of Dyin' - Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan
5. You Won't See Me - The Beatles, Rubber Soul
6. Wonderful Life - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Nocturama
7. No Reply - The Beatles, Beatles for Sale
8. Under A Stormy Sky - Daniel Lanois, Acadie
9. Lovely Day - Pixies, Trompe le Monde
10. I'm Looking Through You - The Beatles, Rubber Soul
11. O Pato (The Duck) - Coleman Hawkins, Next Stop Wonderland

-40% for lack of bandical variety, +30% for musical variety (even if you lump Rasputina together with Nick Cave, which half of my family most certainly would not).


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