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Friday, August 19, 2005

Alright, that's it.

Fuck Michael Lind. Fuck his smug, even-the-liberal-Michael Lind counterintuitive line of BS. "I'm such a bold liberal. I attack immigrants. I attack feminists. I attack the cities. Everybody applaud my bold stances."

No. Fuck off, you smarmy twit.

What the hell is this all about? Try this:
it is only since the Sixties that many American liberals, inspired by what strikes me as unconscious elite class bias, have preferred the idea of warehousing infants shortly after birth in collective baby-kennels so that their mothers can join their fathers as wage slaves toiling in mostly-unfulfilling and poorly paid service sector jobs

You know what? I don't put up with this bullshit from Rick Santorum, there's no reason for me to put up with it from the likes of Lind. If you think that the problem with wages in this country is the fault of feminists in the 60s, then you don't know enough to be commenting on the weather, much less matters of national import. So just STF.

Why is this hitting so close to home? Well, I was raised by a stay at home mom. It was great, and, IMHO (and hers) I turned out fine. My wife was in day care. And guess what? Fine. My daughter is in day care, and while my wife would dearly love one more day at home with her per week, we both know that she gets better care, education, and socialization than she would being home with one ever-more-frazzled parent 5 days a week. Do you get that Lind? Do you get that Santorum? This isn't about my wife's elitist, self-centered desire to earn more cash and have an identity that goes beyond "mommy." It's about what is best for my daughter. And that's day care (others, of course, choose otherwise - that's great. See my upbringing, above).

So, again, fuck off.


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