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Monday, August 22, 2005

This Seems Like a Big Deal

I don't understand why I had to go to TPM Cafe to learn about this:
BANGLADESH In an unprecedented scale of terror attacks, a banned Islamist militant group yesterday [August 17] simultaneously blasted at least 459 time bombs in 63 of 64 districts across the country.
The 30-minute mayhem in the morning killed one in Chapainawabganj and injured over 100. Another boy was killed in a blast at Savar in the afternoon.
As the article goes on to explain, we're basically dealing with a Taliban-like group that already has a lot of sway in the countryside, and is supported by our good friend and ally in the GWOT, Pakistan.

Although the bombs were clearly designed for psychological, rather than physical, effect, the sheer number and distribution are stunning. Bangladesh is a staggeringly poor country, and a radicalization of it would represent a virtually limitless pool of potential terrorists. It may be that India has more to fear from this than we do, but if there's one clear "lesson of September 11," it's not "invade other countries for no good reason;" it's "faraway troubles can ripple to our own shores."


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