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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hey, I just learned that I've been blogrolled in Chile. Unfortunately, I know only enough Spanish to keep myself alive in Spanophone (?) places, so I can't really say much about the blog, by one Hernán Precht Bañados, although it's obviously a planning/architecture blog - one that currently has cartoons about planning on top. Those, I understand.

Perhaps this will inspire me to revive a long-ago, half-finished post about Brasilia, the Modern utopia/dystopia capital city of Brazil. They speak Portugese, of course, but it's something for all my loyal South American readers.

Oh, and sorry if the verb-form of bienvenidos is wrong up there. My sister will correct me, if necessary.


Blogger El Autor said...

It´s pretty well used: Bienvenidos means Wellcome, and I am proud to have you as one of my constant references.
Best Regards from Chile

Hernán Precht Bañados/Architect

12:44 PM


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