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Friday, July 28, 2006


Meanwhile, in some ways more shocking news: Team Astana (ex-Astana-Würth, ex-Liberty Seguros-Würth) has been categorically cleared by Spanish authorities. That's right, Vino's team, which was ineligible for the Tour with 5 riders suspended under suspicion in the Peurto scandal, now finds itself in the position of an innocent man released after years in prison. Name smeared? Check. Unparalleled opportunities missed? Check. No way to be made whole? Check.

And now this entire scandal, which blew apart the favorites board the day before the Tour, risks becoming the biggest clusterfuck of all time (Sports category). Imagine if Ivan is cleared, in a year when he was all set to pull a rare double of the Giro D'Italia and Tour de France. Imagine if Jan is cleared, after missing what was really his last, best chance. The evidence against these guys was not, to my understanding, any stronger than it was against the Astana Five.

Christ. What a fuck-up.



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