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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I've always trusted Lance. I had some underlying doubts, but was able to convince myself that he was clean.

No more.

His denials sound to me like everyone else's denials, and his amazing performances are too much like everyone else's. If he really was clean, and no one around him was (as now seems apparent), then he should have been sounding a clarion call against doping. Instead, all he did was proclaim his own innocence.


I've got the Tour up on my screen right now (Dutch feed), but I haven't even checked to see what's going on. What difference does it make?



Blogger Peter Driscoll said...

Got to your site from LG&M. If you mean he does drugs, I gave up on Lance years ago. It doesn't really bother me though; I can see no difference between steoids and eyeglasses except for the idiotic rules that ban one and not the other. As someone who has trained pretty hard, no one does what those riders do without help, and there is no drug in the world that would allow me to keep up with them.

Also Maz broke my little Yankee-loving heart when I was a lad of 8. I'll give you Maz if you give me Goose Gossage.

5:06 PM

Blogger JRoth said...

Oh, the Goose was robbed!

I was young for most of his career, but I still love to say "The Goose is loose!"

I actually read a fairly comprehensive argument in Goose's favor a year or so ago (in the context of Eckersley, I would guess), but I hardly need that - the guy was so dominant for so long, in the era before closer meant "9th inning specialist, no matter what."

10:46 PM


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