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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wow. Right-wing Roberts

Unless Nina Totenberg - normally moderately liberal at most - is really shading things in this report, Roberts turns out to be - or to have been in 1982 - a raging, anti-civil rights right-winger.

This is in reference to the massive doc dump (and kudos to NPR for getting so many substantial nuggets on air in 12 hours flat) from yesterday. I haven't had a chance to review any other news or views on this, but Nina quoted at least a half dozen different docs in which Roberts basically looks at Ted Olsen (!) and says, Stop being so liberal.


Congress was trying this BS where Congress tries to limit the courts' rights to rule on prayer in schools, etc. Olsen reported that it was dubious constitutionally, and bad policy. Roberts flayed him, claiming that "real courage would be to read the Constitution as it was written."

He opposed any but the narrowest reading of Title 9.

He opposed many of the EEOC complaints brought by the very conservative Reagan appointee in charge.

He basically opposed the heart of the Voting Rights Act signed by Reagan.

He opposed funding for Coretta Scott King's programs at the King Center.

So apparently I spoke too soon. The guy isn't just a partisan hack. He's an ideologue, through and through.


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