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Friday, May 26, 2006


This image is iconic in certain (very small) circles. It was drawn decades ago by my hero, Malcolm Wells, and is titled The Architect. I've never found a large version online, and don't have a good hard copy to scan, so it may be hard to see. But it's a ravenous monster holding a diploma and T-square and devouring farmland and wilderness, excreting industry and subdivisions. Mac's then-young son helpfully suggested "run it backwards." Which is part of the vision for what Wells calls Gentle Architecture.

At any rate, I'm posting this largely because, as you can see, I finally figured out that I can. Thirteen months after I started, I realized that I can post lots of pictures, for free, and easily. Somehow that had escaped me. Anyway, this may portend a lot more activity around here. Let's hope.


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