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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

PA State Legislature Goes Blue!?!?

OK, this is my own late-night count, and the stupid fucking State House has 202 seats, but I think the Dems have taken it!

Based on this official Commonwealth page, with 92.44% reporting statewide, Dems hold a 104-98 lead! I could be wrong - I could have miscounted, some races could flip (scanning through, I saw maybe a half dozen within a point), and at least 3 uncontested candidates are listed as D/R - I have no idea how they'd caucus. But as I've been reporting for months, the groundwork was laid for a big shekup in Harrisburg, and we appear to have had it.

BTW, you heard it here first - the Post-Gazette appears to have no stories whatsoever about the state races, except for one high profile incumbent upset.

PS - Santorum and Hart gone in one night! Fantastic.

UPDATE: The Post-Gazette still hasn't called it, and is skeptical of Dem chances. WDUQ this morning said the Dems had netted at least 4 seats, but didn't announce how many races were still unknown. Two Dem incumbents in western Pa. lost, which sets us back considerably. We needed 9 before the night began, and thus needed at least 11 gains elsewhere. We'll see.


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