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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oddly Better

I was saying to my wife at dinner tonight that the worst thing was that Rasmussen was on track to win, despite being the first yellow jersey (at least in the last couple of decades) to be presumed guilty without actually failing a test. But now he's gone, and it seems at least possible that the ride tomorrow will be clean.

I suppose I'm just setting myself up for more disappointment, but at least some of these guys must be clean, right? And if the last 3 days haven't put the fear of God/UCI into them, perhaps nothing will.

FWIW, Contador, the Team Disco rider now leading, is having a magnificent Tour. I'd put him at 50/50 clean. Maybe better.

That said, I won't be shocked, or much shaken, if dawn tomorrow sees three more teams out. Just because that's how it's tending.



Blogger Orthia said...

HEY! I posted on your blog during last years Tour. With all that is going on I thought I would look you up again to see what you had to say.
WELL, who would have thought that last years toodoo would just be the tip of the iceberg? It is disappointing that the past year has not made a difference to some riders in the peloton. Yet there is much to hope for from this terribly trying Tour. As I was telling my Dad the other day (we watch the Tour together and are both avid fans) this is cycling, and the Tours, "refining" time. And the refining process is about going through the fire to be made pure, well, FIRE HURTS! I am hopeful that with all that has happened with Vino, Coffidis, and now Rassmusen, that this will be the year that truly puts an end to doping in the sport.
I am a faithful fan, and though this is somewhat disillusioning, I will remain so. I am glad that Rass. is gone and that it was his teams decision to do it. As the Tour directors said he was not a good role model for the peloton. Anyone who would go against team policy, miss drug tests, and lie about his whereabouts should not be aloud to continue to taint the yellow jersey.
In my opinion this above all will help the sport. Because it says that not only is it important to not cheat, it is also important to be an honest, and forthright person, and have respect for yourself, your team, your sport, the Tour, and all the riders in the peloton.
Anyway that is my take. I am still looking forward to tomorrow and the Saturdays time trial. I want Contador to win the Tour because he seems like a really neat guy, and of course he is on my beloved Discovery team.
I'll check back later to see your thought on the continuing Tour. Later.

11:47 PM


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