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Monday, December 12, 2005

What the...?

Just got an automated phone call, conducting a survey on abortion. Well, I certainly want to throw my tiny weight on the right side of that issue, so I stick around. But get this: after I press 9 to indicate that I am "pro-choice, supporting abortion rights," the computer says, "Thank you for being pro-life!" It started to ask me if I wanted to help the pro-life cause, but I hung up in disgust. I suppose I should have stayed on the line to find out who was perpetrating this nonsense, and possibly to give someone an earful, but I was too annoyed.

My question is whether this "survey" was just a ruse to generate a mailing list, or whether this Diebold-style vote will actualy be publicized somewhere. No way to know, unfortunately....


Blogger Stacy Rosenbaum said...

Both parties use "surveys" as a way to ensnare voters.

10:36 PM

Blogger ronica said...

You could find out by writing to a local reporting who covers politics and suggesting they do a story. Who knows? He/she might just bite.

4:55 PM


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