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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

PA House Update

After being generally ignored in the excitement last night, the (very important) status of state legislatures is being discussed, both in blogs and elsewhere. As you might expect, Dems did well, and now control most governorships and most state leges - they were behind in both before last night. This is huge, since it makes it much more likely that the redistricting after the next census will be favorable to Dems. It also ups the number of states who might enact anti-Electoral College legislation (saying that, as long as an electroal majority of states also do so, the state will throw its electoral votes to the popular vote winner).

Meanwhile, PA remains an unkown. There are 5 undetermined districts, and the Dems lead in 2. They need 3 to take the House, although party-switching is possible (especially among old line GOPers in the Philly 'burbs who may not be comfortable with their redneck brethren from mid-state).

If the GOP holds on, Rendell will be in a stronger position, but still unable to really promote an agenda, which is a shame. While he was in some ways a proto-McAuliffe at the DNC, he's also a big city paleo-Dem, and would do some nice, liberal things given the chance.


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