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Friday, November 17, 2006

GOP Torn by Infighting


The Republican Majority for Choice is running ads here in PA that explicitly draw a line between Republicans' roots in Lincoln, TR, and Reagan (?) and extremists such as Haggard, Robertson, and Santorum. The ad originally included images of Tom Ridge and Arlen Specter as non-extremists, but the two objected to being contrasted against Santorum.

I can't find the ad online - I'll keep looking - but the sponsors are explicit about trying to be divisive. They want an open discussion about the direction of the party, and they want it to be more than just John McCain running into the arms of Bob Jones.

I think this is important on the merits - if moderate(ish) and libertarian(ish) Republicans can admit to themselves that the GOP is a party of, by, and for the Radical Right, then they will either change the direction of the party, making it less dangerous (in addition to pro-choice rhetoric, the group also talks about "less intrusive gov't"), or they'll start sitting out elections, and the actual Good Guys will win. Either outcome would be an improvement over the last dozen years.

Setting aside the merits, this of course leads to the meta-question: will the national media talk about this? I mean, this is an intentionally controversial ad, attacking not only religious figures but also (formerly - ha!) elected politicians. The group is supported by the likes of Specter, Jerry Ford, and Goldwater's widow. This should be a big story - bigger than Hoyer/Murtha, since it could have long-term implications for the viability of one of our two parties. But of course our media is in utter denial that the GOP is becoming (or at least in danger of becoming) a regional, minority party. The success or failure of this group, and its allies, will have a huge impact on whether or not that happens.

But then, did you hear about Pelosi's lose-lose?

Update: A thoughtful Republican operative in comments has given us the URL to see the aforementioned ad. On viewing, I gotta say, I'm all for it. It really seems to be the sort of thing we've been waiting for as the GOP has lurched rightward over the past 6, 12, 26, 40 years. Yeah, arguably a long time coming. But hey, at least someone's saying it - and without first innoculating themselves by attacking liberals or foreigners to prove themselves "good conservatives." Bully.


Blogger Stewart said...

You can view the ad on and it will be aired on CN8 on Tuesday morning at 8a.m. The dialogue the ad is creating within the GOP and rank and file voters is essential if the GOP will survive as a Party of the Big Tent, winning back its 'base' of 73% moderates or continue to slither away into oblivian by the extreme right party of Southern evangelicals and other religious zealots.

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