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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh, fer cryin' out loud

Pa. House control could come down to 1 race

That's the headline in the Post-Gazette today (online only). A race for an open seat in Chester County (near Philly) was down to a 19 vote lead for the R, when they found 250 uncounted absentee ballots, plus 40 provisional ballots that will need to be judged. And then there are overseas absentee ballots still not in hand. They're saying it could be another week. Oy vey.

By the way, I haven't seen a breakdown, but scanning a list over at the Philly Inquirer yesterday, it appeared to me that there was not, in fact, a huge anti-incumbent wave. But these things are relative, and the whole thing is skewed by the significant number of incumbents thrown out in primaries. Indeed, in my quick scanning, it looked like at least as many races had no incumbent as had an incumbent losing. Clearly, many of those would be retirements, but some portion must have been seats where the incumbent lost the primary due to the payraise scandal.

Either way, stay tuned.


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