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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fuck yeah!!!!

Heinz Field grease to fuel city fleet

I can hardly tell you how great this is. When I was single, about 6 years ago, if you could get me to stop talking about underground architecture, I would surely be extolling biodiesel. And not that subsidized soybean shit, either - repurposed fry oil, the good, cheap stuff. I chickened out of getting a brand new Jetta TDI to put it in (voided warranties and all that. I know, I know, but it was my first new car), and, opportunity having passed, I obsessed less. Since then, I've noted with pleasure the burgeoning place of biodiesel in national energy discussions, but this is a whole nother thing. Steelers fry-oil. Converted to fuel right here in town. City cars (and garbage trucks!). 10 kinds of awesome. My only regret is that my wife is leaving the city workforce, so I won't be seeing one of these beauties out front every couple of weeks after evening meetings.


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