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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Scumbag Thomas R. Caltagirone of Berks County plans to cross party lines to keep anti-voter Republican John Perzel as Speaker of the House despite Dems holding a 102-101 majority.

If it weren't a 6+ hour drive, I'd be in my car right now to march in front of his district office. Fucking anti-American, anti-democratic, arrogant, sure-to-be-bought-off bastard.

Wonder what was in your stocking, Tom? A nice, juicy Committee Chair? Maybe some earmarks for the district? A little lobbying thrown to your wife, or brother, or daughter? Or maybe a nice, old-fashioned suitcase of cash?

If the people of Berks County had any self-respect, they'd be after his traitor ass with pitchforks and torches - a coward who announces this on the Saturday before New Year's, hoping the heat will die down before he has to face the public.


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