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Monday, January 01, 2007

PA Dems know how to treat a traitor

"Caltagirone sold out to Perzel and the House Republicans," [state Democratic Party chair T.J.] Rooney said. "He now has two options: He should remain in the Democratic fold, or resign his seat immediately and switch his political affiliation to Republican -- which he in essence has done with this decision -- and run for the seat during a special election."
This article in the Post-Gazette shows a state party that has learned the hardball lessons of the past 12 years of corrupt Republican rule, using strong language, taking principled stands, and making perfectly clear the issues at hand:
"The Republicans have been in control of the House for 12 years, and the voters of Pennsylvania have voiced their opinion. It's time for a change," Mr. Mahoney (D-Uniontown) said. "There's no reform coming down the pike from the Republicans and we really need reform of the open records law and taxes. I think the Democratic leadership can deliver on that and I am going to be pushing for them to do that."
I will note that, according to the article, Caltagirone sold his soul for promises "to divide committee chairmanships equally between the parties and to adjourn the House no later than 10 p.m.," the latter to end late-night sessions intended to avoid public scrutiny. The former is only relevant to salve the conscience of the traitor, while the latter could surely have been negotiated with Dems, who have been campaigning to clean up a corrupt Republican House. Which is why I maintain that the guy's getting something that hasn't come to light yet.

Rally in Reading today, Harrisburg tomorrow. Let's hope for a Blue Revolution in PA (I'm sorry to say I'll be at work. I know, I know).


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